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Herceptin May Boost Long-Term Survival After Aggressive Breast Cancer
4-year study finds the drug cuts recurrence in women with specific type of tumor
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Mammography Expertise May Improve With Practice
The more doctors review, the better they get at detecting noncancerous lesions, study finds
Mammograms May Not Be Fool-Proof at Catching Second Cancers
Finding points to need for vigilance in watching for symptoms between screenings, expert says
Study Finds Too Many Surgical Breast Biopsies Performed
More U.S. women with abnormal mammograms should be getting less invasive needle biopsies, experts note
Sexual Issues Often Unaddressed in Women Who Survive Cancer
Doctors discuss sex with prostate cancer survivors, but not women who have cancer, researchers say
Medical Breakthroughs
Going Under the Needle: Cancer Pain
Is it possible to reduce cancer pain by 30% without surgery or medication? Some say it is. Here's an alternative way to find some pain relief.
Anti-Estrogens Prevent Lung Cancer
Possible Fix for a Risky Hormone Mix
Chemotherapy Resistance
Remember Your Mammogram
Study: Leukemia Treatment Carries Risk of Breast Cancers
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Brain-Imaging in Depressed Moms Shows Blunted Response to Crying Infant
But the response is muted rather than negative, study finds

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Feb 26, 2011
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